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How to integrate JS of the future today?

In this article we give you an insight into the world of Node.js development and the Microsoft Azure extension, Visual Studio Code, through the words of Brian Holt, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. 

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How can indecision be the best decision in software development?

ReactiveConf Special Edition TechTalk There are plenty of ways to get information on and access to the latest trends and technologies, but going to conferences is sure one with great benefits. You can not only get top experts giving you […]

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How is Webpack the reflection of the current state of the web?

In this episode of the Special Edition TechTalk series two members of Webpack’s core team Sean Larkin Technical Program Manager at Microsoft for Microsoft Edge and Johannes Ewald Co-Founder of Peerigon sit with Balázs Komár Co-Founder of IseeQ and xLabs and talk all about the great things Webpack has to offer, while our guests give a couple of tips to improve your ways in this module bundler and share some insights into the challenges they are yet to tackle.

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