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Why offboarding is essential for everyone?

It’s obvious that a great onboarding process for the new employees is essential for your company and future productivity however, the importance of offboarding is often overlooked. But why? Now we share our ideas and best practices in the topic of offboarding.

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Through the unknown: this is how HR leaders navigate the post-COVID-19 workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world economy, In April, the International Labour Organization forecasted that workplace disruptions would wipe out 6.7% of working hours globally by the second quarter. HR departments across the globe sprang into action in response to the crisis to ensure the safety of workers. The road to recovery, however, is paved with a whole new set of challenges. Here are three key themes surrounding recovery strategies, as seen by chief human resources officers.

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Mass personalization, invisible banks and big data – with a big skills gap

“Before Coronavirus, the 2020s were already being framed as the decade for digital bank transformation,” writes Temenos chief Max Chuard for the World Economic Forum. No wonder. There has been a surging demand from customers for super-smooth, hyper-personalized digital experiences […]

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